Our Story

Horse Tours of Gettysburg

Founded in 2010, we went out with five horses and borrowed saddles. Today, our experienced managers, owners and wranglers are still right there with you- from the reservation process, to putting together a Gettysburg tour extravaganza with full trip itineraries, to helping get in the saddle-
We are a Gettysburg, PA local family run tour business- no longer just a battlefield horse tour company. We are a local business: We live and work in here in beautiful Adams County Pennsylvania.

Confederate Trails was founded and opened for business in 2010. Owner, Rachel Stephens, and her husband Doug have a strong bond to Gettysburg National Military Park-  For they are both prior Army and their wedding anniversary is on July 3rd (for those of you not familiar, the Gettysburg Battle was July 1st, 2nd and 3rd 1863). Prior to starting the horseback riding business they would often come to the Battlefield on their anniversary to enjoy the history with their children. Rachel continues to serve in the Air-force as a flight nurse achieving the rank of Lt. Col.  


We started with no employees, 5 horses and borrowed saddles. In 10 years we have since grown to a herd of 80+ horses spread over 4 local Gettysburg pastures. We employ 10-20 full time seasonal wranglers and carriage drivers, as well as 9-12 part-time year round residents of Adams County.

It has been honor bringing our family’s love of horses into our ‘little’ family business and take it to where we are today. We are absolutely fortunate to be able to give over 17,000 visitors to Gettysburg National Military Park a Year,  the unique experience of of touring the Gettysburg Battlefield by horse with a Licensed Battlefield Guide

Love, Memories and Hope

Horses have always been part of the Stephens Family. For the 3 Stephens kids- Katie, Zach and Spencer- horseback rides were always a source of family togetherness and time spent during the short breaks between military deployments of both mom and dad. The day came where there were no more deployments- transitioning into civilian life for a military member can be a struggle- adjusting to the transition is also be hard for the kids at home. The Stephens family decided to combine their passion for military service and their love of the family what is known today, as Horse Tours of Gettysburg Guided Tours (Confederate Trails of Gettysburg and the Victorian Carriage Company).

We support our Community

Together with the local Police, we have helped organized a mounted police unit here in Gettysburg.
We fully support the Gettysburg Mounted Police Unit here in the Borough of Gettysburg- both financially and in the training of the horses and the Officers.
This is an outstanding community policing effort put forth by cooperation of the boro police force and the local Gettysburg Boro government.
This project is in the process of being granted Non-profit status. It is our hope that soon this program will standalone both financially and operationally, benefited by contributions and gifts from both local Adams County residents and those who may not live here but understand the amazing benefits a mounted unit program like this has to the community and the officers involved .